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Pacific Northwest BBQ Association

The Pacific Northwest BBQ Association recognizes a member each year for their merit of service to the organization.

Charlie Johnson Service Award Honorees

2021-Dale Groetsema

2020-Leroy Paine

2019-Paul Wenger

2018-Jane Biehl

2017-Frank Biehl

2016-Rick Moy

2015-Gregg Fujino

2014-Pat Maddock

2013-Tom Wallin

2012-Kim Ositis

2011-Christene James

2010-Stacia Norris

2009-Derrick Williams 

2008-Tim King 

2007-Anthony James

2006-Steve Sanders 

2005-Greg Zinn 

2001-Bert & Carolyn Adams

If you see an omission or correction needed for a recipient, please email admin@pnwba.com 

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