2023 Season Final Standings


TOY Points-Chicken

This award is given to the team receiving the greatest number of Awards Points in the Chicken category counting only their 5 highest-scoring results during the PNWBA season. To be eligible, these teams must have competed in at least 5 sanctions PNWBA Qualifying events during the season.

To be eligible the team's head cook must be a PNWBA member in good standing by June 1, 2023, remain in good standing throughout the competition year, and must have been the team’s head cook in all of their Qualifying Events.

These are unofficial Standings for the 2023 season [October 1st, 2022 through September 30th, 2023]

Ranking Team Points Entries
Ranking1 TeamSLOW PORKIN' BBQ Points158 Entries7
Ranking2 TeamSMALL AXE BBQ Points156 Entries7
Ranking3 TeamRUSTY'S BBQ Points148 Entries6
Ranking4 TeamRJS SMOKEHOUSE Points134 Entries8
Ranking4 TeamALDERFIRE BBQ Points134 Entries7
Ranking6 TeamLAKE HOUSE BBQ Points118 Entries9
Ranking7 TeamPIT71 Points114 Entries6
Ranking8 TeamROBS SMOKIN AND GRILLIN BBQ Points106 Entries5
Ranking9 TeamPORK DADDY'S Points92 Entries6
Ranking10 TeamVITAMIN Q BBQ Points88 Entries5
Ranking11 TeamPNR BBQ Points86 Entries4
Ranking12 TeamBLUE'S Q'S BBQ Points70 Entries4
Ranking13 TeamEZ-D'S SMOKE SHACK Points62 Entries6
Ranking14 TeamCROOKED PIGS Points58 Entries4
Ranking14 TeamBBQ ALOHA Points58 Entries4
Ranking16 TeamSMOKIN FOOLS BBQ Points56 Entries3
Ranking16 TeamHOGGERQ Points56 Entries3
Ranking18 TeamOFF THE HOOK BBQ Points46 Entries4
Ranking19 TeamRED BEARDS BBQ Points44 Entries2
Ranking20 TeamWINE COUNTRY "Q" Points42 Entries3
Ranking21 TeamJACK'S SMOKE SHACK Points40 Entries4
Ranking22 TeamSLO-MO-QUE Points38 Entries2
Ranking23 TeamVITAMIN Q Points34 Entries1
Ranking23 TeamSMOKIN' TIMBERS BBQ Points34 Entries1
Ranking23 TeamBANG & BREACH QUE Points34 Entries4
Ranking26 TeamHOKUS SMOKUS Points32 Entries1
Ranking27 TeamSMOKEY'S BBQ Points30 Entries2
Ranking27 TeamSMOKE 324 Points30 Entries1
Ranking27 TeamFAHRENHEIT 250 Points30 Entries1
Ranking27 TeamDOC'S HUCKLEBERRY-Q Points30 Entries1
Ranking27 TeamDADDY AND ME BBQ Points30 Entries1
Ranking32 TeamTHE RIB MAFIA Points28 Entries3
Ranking32 TeamDADDY AND ME Points28 Entries2
Ranking32 TeamBALDYSBBQ Points28 Entries1
Ranking35 TeamSTEEL SMOKIN Points26 Entries1
Ranking35 TeamMEATSWEATS Points26 Entries1
Ranking35 TeamBLIND DUCK BBQ Points26 Entries5
Ranking35 TeamBIG SWEDE'S BBQ Points26 Entries1
Ranking39 TeamWACKADOO BBQ Points24 Entries2
Ranking39 TeamSLOW PORK'N BBQ Points24 Entries1
Ranking39 TeamPOWDER HOGS Points24 Entries2
Ranking39 TeamMAMA JUJU'S KITCHEN Points24 Entries1
Ranking39 TeamFATBOYZ Points24 Entries1
Ranking44 TeamTROUBLE MAKERS BBQ Points22 Entries1
Ranking44 TeamRULE 62 Points22 Entries2
Ranking44 TeamBIG BOYS BBQ Points22 Entries1
Ranking47 TeamSTAR GLAZERS Points20 Entries2
Ranking47 TeamSHULTZ SMOKEHOUSE Points20 Entries3
Ranking47 TeamROLLING SMOKE BBQ & CO Points20 Entries3
Ranking47 TeamPIT 71 Points20 Entries1
Ranking47 TeamNEWT'S BARBEQUE Points20 Entries2
Ranking47 TeamMEAT YOUR MAKER Points20 Entries1
Ranking54 TeamWIEDERTEET BBQ Points18 Entries1
Ranking54 TeamSMOKIN' HOOCH BBQ Points18 Entries1
Ranking54 TeamSMOKIN TIMBERS BBQ Points18 Entries1
Ranking54 TeamRAVEN'S FYRE BBQ Points18 Entries3
Ranking58 TeamR AND B BARBECUE Points16 Entries2
Ranking58 TeamMR. GREEN'S Q Points16 Entries4
Ranking58 TeamHOGGIN DA SAUCE Points16 Entries1
Ranking58 TeamCONDON'S CULINARY CREATIONS Points16 Entries1
Ranking62 TeamUNCLE BILL'S SMOKED FOODS Points14 Entries1
Ranking62 TeamSLOWPOKES Points14 Entries2
Ranking62 TeamCIDER HOUSE BBQ Points14 Entries3
Ranking65 TeamSHANE EDD’S BBQ Points12 Entries1
Ranking65 TeamBBQ JERKS Points12 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamWARPIG SMOKEHOUSE Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamSMOKIN O'S Points10 Entries2
Ranking67 TeamSMOKE324 Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamS'MACKDOWN SMOKING CO Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamPOP SMOKE BBQ Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamNITRO BBQ Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamJ&C BBQ Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamJ & C BBQ Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamHEIFER DUST CAFE Points10 Entries2
Ranking67 TeamGLADIATOR BBQ Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamBRO JACK Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamBLACK SHEEP BBQ Points10 Entries1
Ranking67 TeamB LEE'S BBQ Points10 Entries1
Ranking80 TeamGINGYS BBQ Points8 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamTICKLE PIG BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamTHE GRILL SERGEANTS Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamSMOKIN PIGS BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamOUT OF THE PITTS Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamNOT-SO-KOSHER DAWGS Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamMOOSE & GATOR BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamMEAT TO BEAT Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamFLOYD LLOYD'S BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamFATT MATT MEATS Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamDND BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamBRIDESMAIDS BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamBLUES Q BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamBEARDED BOAR BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamB & S BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking81 TeamALL IN THE FAMILY BBQ Points6 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamWHOLEE SMOKERS Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamSUZEATS Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamRATLESNAKE BBQ Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamMIKE'S FRESH BBQ Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamMEAT CANDY Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamLJ'S BBQ Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamKNUCKLE DRAGGERS BBQ Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamKELLYS COZY CORNER Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 TeamGLAZED AND CONFUSED Points4 Entries1
Ranking96 Team2 DRUNK GUYS Points4 Entries1
Ranking106 TeamHOGS, HENS & HEIFERS Points2 Entries1
Ranking106 TeamD&K BBQ Points2 Entries1
Ranking106 TeamBIG D'S BBQ Points2 Entries1
Ranking106 Team2 C'S BBQ Points2 Entries1
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