The Pacific Northwest BBQ Association has been the most active competition BBQ sanctioning body, leading the way in this endeavor throughout the Northwest for more than a quarter of a century. Over the PNWBA history, there have been select members who have led the way in maintaining and building our organization into what it's become. These members have given almost endlessly. They've been among the first to rise when needed. They have carried our name far and wide and they have been behind the scenes, "in the trenches" getting it done so that members could enjoy the judging, cooking, educational and charitable events that continue to be enjoyed today.

The Pacific Northwest BBQ Association established a HALL OF FAME to recognize those most valuable members and have inducted and honored the following that answered that call with their time and energy. Nominations for the Hall of Fame are accepted within the entire membership and selected by the Board of Directors.

PNWBA Hall of Fame Honorees

- 2023 -

Dan & Christina Gorton

- 2022 -

Wayne & June Fettback

- 2021 -

Pat & Christine Maddock

John & Rhana McGee

Brian & Corinne Misko

- 2020 -

Gregg Fujino

Dale Groetsema

Ron Shewchuk

Canadian Festival of Chili & BBQ

- 2019 -

Frank & Jane Biehl

Stacia Norris

Tom Wallin

Anthony James

- 2018 -

No inductees 

- 2017 -

Bill & Kathy Donovan

Mack & Sharon Yarbrough

Bob Beeman

Charlie Johnson

- 2016 -

Pete Peterson

Charlie Brank

Walt Grosjean

Christene James

- 2015 -

Fred Roycoft & Betty Duff

Burt & Carolyn Adams

Steve & Pauline Sanders

Jack Rogers

Jim Ericson

- 2014 -

Bob & Sandra Lyons

David & Pat Veljacic

Judy Anderson

Ken Peach

Lynne Brokaw

Ed Levesque

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