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Pacific Northwest BBQ Association

October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

  • 03/21/2022 7:49 PM
    Message # 12675687
    Lance Rasmussen (Administrator)

    Minutes from 10/27/2021 Call-In PNWBA Board of Directors Meeting

    Prepared by: Steve Rubin, PNWBA Board Secretary

    Roll Call:

    Jane Biehl – President – Present
    Pat Maddock - Vice President – Present
    Lance Rasmussen - Treasurer – Present
    Steve Rubin - Secretary – Present
    Jason Bauer - Board Member – Present
    Gregg Fujino - Board Member – Present
    Dale Groestema - Board Member – Present
    Rush Hoag – Board Member – Present
    John Lim Hing – Board Member
    James Jones - Board Member
    Eric Mendel - Board Member – Present
    Bill Stock - Board Member
    Karen Stral – Board Member – Present
    Steve Waldron – Board Member – Present

    11 of 14 members present for a quorum.

    The President called the meeting to order at 6:34 pm.

    Approve minutes - Steve
    Motion to approve the minutes from the September call-in meeting was approved. Steve will post the September Minutes to the forum.

    Treasurer's Report/Update – Lance
    Presented the September financial reports which were approved by the board.
    The funds in PNWBA collected in memory of Lynn Brokaw were voted by the board to apply them to Feed the Troops charity.

    Events Committee

    Application for Sanctioning received from Saffron for Sportsmen’s show in February. Possible PNWBA Dutch Oven, Salmon, and burger on Saturday, and 3 meat PNWBA competition will be on Friday. There will be a 4 meat KCBS competition on Sunday. Possible $5k prize. Motion to approve Friday event & categories and ask for additional info on a possible judging class.

    Redmond event will happen in 2022. It is moving to earlier in the month and they are redesigning the comp & judging area to highlight the BBQ teams. Thinking about BBQ Judging and competition cooks class as well.

    November Membership Meeting Committee- Pat
    We’re basically maxed out in terms of participation and basically full. Finances look good! Response to everything needed has been very positive. Lance has put together a method for paying for dessert auction proceeds with our current website vendor. Allow us to be able to take credit cards for donations.

    Board nominations – Gregg
    No official nominees, but interest has been expressed. He would like to go into the annual meeting with some nominations.

    New Business:

    End of the year awards:

    Eric – latest ToY calculation was sent out to the best 5 2-day cooks. None qualified this year so no official winner. Looking at combining the1 day cook winners for this year only. Board approved that motion.

    Eric – competition and prize purse. $5k for total prize purse between open and championship. Expecting 7 for the championship – no category purse. $3300. $150 PNWBA would need to kick in up to $2900 for the prize purse. Board passed a motion to add funds for our competition prize pool.

    Another casino is interested in holding BBQ comp. Possibly more to come.

    Unfinished Business/Old Business:
    Possible Judging class at Sportman’s show. 15-35 attendees. If it happens, Lance will run.

    Still looking for Charlie Johnson nominees - Jane
    Still looking for Hall of Fame nominations – Jane

    Spring Fair – was discussed, but no formal sanctioning request as of yet.


    The next board meeting will be in-person on November 14, 2021, at 10:00 am following the annual meeting.

    Motion to adjourn the meeting was approved at 7:20 pm.

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