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Pacific Northwest BBQ Association

November 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

  • 03/21/2022 7:50 PM
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    Lance Rasmussen (Administrator)

    Minutes from 11/14/2021 In-Person PNWBA Board of Directors Meeting

    Meeting notes taken by Pat Maddock, PNWBA Vice President. Minutes formatted and Published by: Steve Rubin, PNWBA Board Secretary

    Roll Call:

    Jane Biehl – President – Present
    Pat Maddock - Vice President – Present
    Lance Rasmussen - Treasurer – Present
    Steve Rubin - Secretary – Present
    Jason Bauer - Board Member – Present
    Gregg Fujino - Board Member – Present
    Dale Groestema - Board Member – Present
    Rush Hoag – Board Member
    John Lim Hing – Board Member
    James Jones - Board Member – Present
    Eric Mendel - Board Member – Present
    Bill Stock - Board Member
    Karen Stral – Board Member – Present
    Steve Waldron – Board Member

    10 of 14 members present for a quorum.

    The President called the meeting to order at 10:15 am.

    Approve minutes - Steve
    No minutes were available to approve at this meeting.

    Treasurer's Report/Update – Lance

    Treasurer reported cash and credit card input towards our designated fund for Feed the Troops in the approximate amount of $6,200.

    Discussion ensued about the concept of tabulating such funds without deducting expenses. The point was made that the as-of-yet unfinished accounting of banquet expenses was not dedicated to the "charity" fundraising but was in fact the cost of holding our annual Awards Banquet. A further comment suggested we should perhaps be using such fund-raising opportunities toward the general funds of the Association.

    We await "bottom line" accounting from Clearwater to determine overall event finances.

    A brief discussion centered around a recommendation affecting the Finance Committee and a specific review of By-Laws. A report on the same was recommended for the January meeting.

    Some further thoughts were put on the table about preserving our "nest egg" funds without our traditional competition income. A brief discussion took place on that topic and morphed into a discussion about the potential of hiring a part-time "administrator".

    Some discussion on that topic covered perceived needs to include, only in part: the generation of website income perhaps to pay for the administrator in a "self-funding" effort. Some brainstorming took place adding such targets as part-timer status, a liaison with committees, non-voting BoD member, developing web sales, strat planning, and administration expertise and it was concluded that a working group would be established this week to tackle the task of framing our initial expectations of such a potential role. The target of the working group would be to assemble our aspirational goals to the end of setting expectations for such and would be submitted to the Board for review before taking any next step. The working group was nominated to be: James Jones, Saffron Hodgson, Karen Stral, Jason Bauer, Dale Groetsma with Pat Maddock to chair. A potential timeline was established including setting such goals within the next week, reporting back to the Board with further steps/targets such as a formalized plan by January and if appropriate, bringing such a potential addition on board by April.

    Board Member Agreement
    A discussion took place concerning our Board Member Agreement. Consideration is being given to a possible re-write, in part, as it was concluded we best "put some teeth" into some of it, to include the principle of participation.
    Events Committee
    Some new direction for the Events Committee was discussed to the point that the Board wants to see the committee bring proposed events to the BoD when the usual questions have been answered.
    The point was made, that the BoD has been acting more like a committee in this regard than as an approval body. Those involved in the discussion concluded that would be appropriate and would increase effectiveness. The same will be passed on to the committee chair.

    A suggestion was made that we set maximums for our classes and IF we accommodated numbers beyond that, premiums ought to be charged for additions. No dissent was voiced. No specific action was directed.
    Another suggestion was heard wherein we should work to establish new competitions with a 3-year contract so as to hopefully recoup potentially higher than normal initial expenses, over multiple events. That discussion was not brought to any conclusion.

    The next board meeting will be a phone meeting on December 22, 2021, at 6:30 pm to approve the election results.
    Motion to adjourn the meeting was approved at 12:20 pm.

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