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January 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

  • 04/25/2022 9:49 PM
    Message # 12750370
    Steve Rubin (Administrator)

    Minutes from 1/26/2022 Call-In PNWBA Board of Directors Meeting

    Prepared by: Steve Rubin, PNWBA Board Secretary

    Roll Call:

    Jane Biehl – President – Present
    Pat Maddock - Vice President – Present
    Lance Rasmussen - Treasurer – Present
    Steve Rubin - Secretary – Present
    Doug Canada - Board Member – Present
    Melba Fujiara - Board Member – Present
    Dale Groestema - Board Member – Present
    Rush Hoag III – Board Member
    Chris Kelly – Board Member – Present
    Joshua Mason - Board Member – Present
    JD McGee - Board Member – Present
    Bill Stock - Board Member – Present
    Karen Stral – Board Member – Present
    Steve Waldron – Board Member – Present

    13 of 14 members present for a quorum.

    The President called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm.

    Approve minutes - Steve
    Motion to approve the minutes from the October, November, and December 2021 meetings was approved. Steve will post the minutes to the forum to the membership.

    Treasurer's Report/Update – Lance
    Presented the November and December financial reports which were approved by the board. November included the annual meeting, auction, etc. Balance down $910 for the month. – November financials were still missing the contribution from the tribe. December financials included –, facilities costs, HJ fees, and carryover from the November event. The board approved the December Financials.

    Karen had asked for a per-event breakdown which was produced for the board.

    Bank account funds. moved taking a portion of it and putting in a MM account or something in a zero-risk investment. Per Lance, nothing in our bi-laws that prohibits it, we must follow IRS guidelines for nonprofit investments. Approved by board.

    Committee Reports

    Event Committee – Bill

    Redmond, OR – Submitted a sanctioning application for 2-day regular comp the 1st weekend in June. No conflict with Prosser. Motion to sanction passed.

    Spring Fair Update – Pat
    Spring Fair Pat is Board Rep for PNWBA and the event organizer for the Fair. It is a go again with a prize purse of $22,500 – the largest purse in NW. This year they would like a cooking class which will happen on Friday morning. The location is the same as in other years. Friday afternoon SCA comp. 20 steak cooks. Saturday PNWBA site inspection, and the cook’s meeting, with the full competition on Sunday. Dates: 4/22-24

    Dale received approval from the Vancouver Fire Department for a face-the-judges rib rally in April. 9. Asking for usual $750 donation from PNWBA for Leukemia Motion to approve with the same donation. passed.

    Received sanction from 5/13-15 Langley competition. No objections to date, but logistics are still difficult crossing the border.

    New Business:
    Proposed Board Member Agreement Rule Change - Motion Passed.

    *Proposed change to Board Member Agreement-Section 3
    Being prepared to commit sufficient time, energy and attention to ensure their diligent performance of duty in service to the PNWBA. Board members are expected to communicate regularly, read, act on and respond to emails within 72 hours. Although they are expected to participate in scheduled Board meetings, a Board member may miss up to three meetings during the year. Every effort must be made to notify the President or an officer at least 48 hours prior to scheduled meeting. In case of an emergency, notification must be made within 24 hours of missed meeting. After three absences the Board will review that member’s level of participation per Article 3 Section 5 of the PNWBA Bylaws

    The In-Person Board Meeting was approved and scheduled for Saturday 2/26.

    Proposal for consideration of hiring a part-time employee to help manage and mentor the operations of the PNWBA. Pat – still working on proposals and wants to report at the next meeting.

    The next board meeting will be an in-person meeting on February 26, 2022, at 10:00 am.

    Motion to adjourn the meeting approved at 8:46 PM.

    Steve Rubin
    PNWBA Board Secretary 2019-2022
    PNWBA Head Judge
    PNWBA Master BBQ Judge# 201292
    PNWBA Certified Table Captain
    PNWBA Member# 100677

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