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Pacific Northwest BBQ Association

February 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

  • 04/25/2022 10:16 PM
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    Steve Rubin (Administrator)

    Minutes from 2/26/2022 In-Person PNWBA Board of Directors Meeting

    Prepared by: Steve Rubin, PNWBA Board Secretary

    Roll Call:

    Jane Biehl – President – Present

    Pat Maddock - Vice President – Present

    Lance Rasmussen - Treasurer – Present

    Steve Rubin - Secretary – Present

    Doug Canada - Board Member – Present

    Melba Fujiara - Board Member – Present

    Dale Groestema - Board Member – Excused

    Jason Hertz – Board Member  – Present

    Chris Kelly – Board Member – Present

    Joshua Mason - Board Member – Present

    JD McGee - Board Member – Present 

    Bill Stock - Board Member – Present

    Karen Stral – Board Member – Present

    Steve Waldron – Board Member – Excused

    12 of 14 members present for a quorum.

    The President called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

    Approve minutes - Steve

    Motion to approve the minutes from the February 2022 meeting were approved fixing a typo.  Steve will post the minutes to the forum for the membership.

    Board Member Agreement Presentation and Signing

    The President presented the new Board Member Agreement to the assembled board.  All signed and were collected by the Secretary.

    Treasurer's Report/Update – Lance

    Presented the January 2022 financial reports which were approved by the board.

    The Treasurer presented the Board with a ‘Quick Guide’ to help the Board Members understand the reports and balance sheets and accounts used.  The Board was appreciative to have this document for future reference.

    Committees: Overview, Board Interaction, and Placement

    Discussed the concepts of a "Governance" Board and the fact that the design calls for the work of the Association to be done at the Committee level as opposed to being accomplished by the Board of Directors. 

    On a voluntary basis, members were assigned to committees as follows:

    By-Laws - Josh Mason, Chris Kelly

    Competition Rules - JD McGee - Chair, Josh Mason, Chris Kelly, Jane Biehl

    Events - Bill Stock-Chair, JD McGee, Doug Canada, Chris Kelly

    Membership - Melba Fujiura - Chair, Chris Kelly, Doug Canada

    Nominations - Jane Biehl

    PR - Lance Rasmussen, Chris Kelly

    Procedures - Karen Stral, Chris Kelly - Chair

    Training - Karen Stral - Judging Chair, JD McGee, Bill Stock, Chris Kelly, Pat Maddock

    Website - Lance Rasmussen - Chair, Jason Hertz, Chris Kelly

    Finance - Lance Rasmussen - Chair

    Election - Chris Kelly - Chair

    Judging - Jane Biehl – Chair, Steve Rubin

    To be assigned: Dale Groetsema, Steve Waldron

    Committee Reports

    Event Committee – Bill

    Kalama WA – Submitted a sanctioning application for 2-day regular comp the 6/35-26. Motion to sanction passed.

    Langley, BC – Board sanctioned Wayne and June’s backyard competition for 4/2.  HJ will run this event remotely.

    Spring Fair Update – Pat said everything is going well with no issues for the Board

    Langley, BC – Board sanctioned the Canadian Festival of Chili and BBQ 5/13-15 with the expectation that Head Judges will be able to cross the border both ways to run the event.

    Pendleton, OR – Discussed the Pendleton comp for the Cattle Barons Buckaroo BBQ Challenge.  Unfortunately, the Sanctioning Agreement was not received in time.  The board also had several questions.  Sanctioning completed via email motion and vote which passed.

    Website / IT Committee - Lance

    Briefed on a couple of potential website and software changes.  No motion passed.

    Professional Administrator Hiring – Pat

    Board discussion about us not being able to afford this, even though we may possibility benefit from it.

    Side Categories – Survey Results and Discussion

    After a brief discussion, board decided to open this up to a member survey which will be presented next week.

    Requiring Membership ‘Pay to Play’ motion and discussion

    After discussion, this conflicts with policies of national events so no motion was made


    A brief discussion of sponsorships was conducted.  Do we want them?  Yes / No and under what conditions?  No conclusions or motions were made.

    Discussion and possible working group:

    Discussion about possible working group to coordinate with Operation BBQ Relief or provide help for local disasters.  Board authorized a temporary working group to look into this matter, which consists of JD McGee, Chris Kelly, and Dale Grotsema.

    Recruitment- discussion and brainstorming:

    Was not able to complete this agenda item at the meeting due to time.  Seeking input for the Membership Committee, Steve Rubin will conduct an online survey seeking the Top Reasons why someone would want to become a PNWBA Pitmaster or why someone would want to become a PNWBA Judge.  The result of this will go to the membership committee.  The creation of a recruitment flyer by the Membership Committee for use online and as a handout at events.

    Newsletter: - Options and discussion

    After discussion, it was decided that the most cost-effective method for this would probably be online.  PR committed will follow-up.

    Feed the Troops, Annual Meeting and Association Championship competition – discussion: - Pat

    Discussion of potential invite from the Clearwater to work another Veteran's Day Feed and the use of that weekend again for end of year competitions, general membership meeting, etc  No invite from the Clearwater as of that date but the Board is generally in favor of essentially repeating the event, to wrap up the 25th Anniversary.  Pat Maddock to draft a plan and follow up with the resort.

    New Business:

    Briefly discussed ordering PNWBA merchandise / apparel.  Will proceed via membership survey.

    The next board meeting will be phone-in meeting on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, at 6:30 pm.

    Motion to adjourn the meeting approved at 4:00 PM.

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